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About the
Coterie Car & Lifestyle Club

We are a newly founded club designed to bring together likeminded people with a shared passion for all things automotive. We are not about celebrating any one marque of car or motorcycle, we are more about celebrating all cars and all motorcycles, but why stop there, when there is so much more to see. We are creating experiences that cover not just land but air and sea too!

The Coterie Lifestyle Club was founded by Julia, better known on Instagram as @juliaroberts007. Julia is keen to welcome ladies and gentlemen, car lovers, bike riders, classic car, supercar, track lovers, road rats, off roaders and everything in between into her new and exciting  lifestyle club. She explains 'you won't be asked to check any lists before joining us, all we require you to possess is a passion and enthusiasm for this wonderful, varied and exciting industry. Just bring your heart, your soul and a willingness to join in and we will all get along just fine!' 

As we are a brand-new club, new events, partners, and opportunities will continue to be added to the site regularly. Members will receive email notifications when we have a new club partner or Coterie event available but visitors to the club are encouraged to check back often.

If you are interested in joining us as a partner please do get in touch here.

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